When you work with us you’ll have a designated account manager. Someone who has years of industry experience and a well-earned reputation for helping retailers at every level.

Consultative Approach

We want to see you reach your long-term business goals. So to get started, our account managers like to sit down with you and collaborate on a business plan. This begins by assessing broad factors like your geography, the area farmers, and the potential scale of your operation. From there you’ll dive into products, sales forecasts, and purchase programs. Then, once you’re comfortable with everything, the two of you will see the plan through together, making necessary adjustments along the way.


Partner Philosophy

From day one we’ve encouraged our account managers to treat each customer like a business partner. They’ll take the time to look at your operation from different angles, and ask questions before giving answers. The hope is to be in a place where the two of you can count on each other to build business. And have a healthy dose of fun along the way.


Employee Training

Our account managers can even work with you to host training sessions for your employees. Topics normally range from new product technology to selling skills. But if there’s something else you think might help your staff, just ask. We’ll always see what we can do to make it happen.

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