Levesol® ZN is a zinc solution chelated with ortho-ortho EDDHA designed for use in most soil applied liquid fertilizers. The ortho-ortho EDDHA chelate improves the bioavailability of micronutrients such as Fe, Cu, Mn, and Zn. Enhanced nutrient availability increases speed of emergence, overall plant health, and ultimately yield.

Levesol ZN is a new formulation that contains an improved defoamer system to reduce foam formation when mixing with starter fertilizers. Starter fertilizers vary in their quality and level of impurities that can lead to precipitate formation. Levesol ZN contains a new compatibility aid to improve the compatibility and longevity of compatibility with a wider array of starter fertilizer options.

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*4% Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N)
**4.5% Chelated Zinc
Derived from Aqua Ammonia, Zinc EDDHA and Zinc EDTA


Corn, sugar beets, soybeans, dry beans, potatoes, wheat, barley and sorghum.

Liquid Packaging

It’s available in 2.5-gallon jugs and 250-gallon mini-bulk tanks. 


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