Levesol® DFC is a first-of-its-kind chelating agent that can be added directly to dry starter fertilizer. It allows nutrients in your starter and in your soil to be more available for plant uptake. Levesol DFC is the only pure chelating agent that is stable enough to have significant activity in soil. Enhanced nutrient availability increases early growth, overall plant health, and ultimately yield. Soil extraction analysis demonstrates available phosphorus can be increased by up to 47% when Levesol is applied with a dry starter fertilizer such as MAP or DAP. Additionally, soil extraction studies have shown an even higher percentage increase for micronutrients like Zinc, Iron, Manganese, and Copper. Levesol is patent pending.

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*1.5% Urea Nitrogen
*0.5% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
Derived from urea and ortho-ortho EDDHA.


Corn, sugar beets, soybeans, dry beans, sunflowers, wheat, barley and sorghum.

Liquid Packaging

It’s available in 2.5-gallon jugs and 264-gallon mini-bulk tanks. 


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