West Central Distribution Introduces Their New Elite Family of Adjuvants

This new line of adjuvants is specifically designed for the new trait systems

WILLMAR, Minn. (JULY 14, 2016) – West Central Distribution recently released a new line of Elite adjuvants to work alongside the new herbicide technologies that combat resistant weeds. The new adjuvant family includes Veracity™ Elite, Jackhammer™ Elite and Cerium™ Elite.

As new herbicide trait technologies for dicamba and 2,4-D tolerance are introduced, there is a growing need for new adjuvants to work alongside these new herbicides since these new systems may not be compatible with adjuvants that contain ammonium sulfate. This, coupled with stringent requirements for better drift reduction and on-target application, is transforming the entire adjuvant landscape. The new Elite adjuvants from West Central work with the new herbicide technologies as they contain water conditioners without any ammonium sulfate, and do not affect the pH of the herbicide solution.

Veracity Elite is an industry leading all-in-one adjuvant with an extremely low use rate of two quarts per 100 gallons. The principal functioning agents in this complete system encompass most applicator’s four greatest needs — water conditioner, quality surfactant, defoamer and enhanced drift reduction agents. Veracity Elite improves the performance of glyphosate and other herbicides that recommend a surfactant. This complete system also helps mitigate risk by improving drift control and off-target movement.

In situations where drift control may not be required, Jackhammer Elite provides the same water conditioning function with an application rate of two quarts per 100 gallons. Jackhammer Elite also contains one of the most widely used surfactants in agriculture proven across millions of acres to increase glyphosate herbicide activity and maximize application effectiveness.

Cerium Elite is a patent pending surfactant that replaces traditional oil adjuvants and is applied at one quart per 100 gallons, a fraction of the traditional oil adjuvant use rate. This technology is a great solution for crop protection products where an oil concentrate, nonionic surfactant or improved deposition is required or recommended. Cerium Elite is also effective at reducing drift and off-target movement.

“We work to proactively help our retail customers protect growers’ investments and help them achieve a higher yield,” said Brian Kuehl, director of product development, West Central Distribution. “Our new family of Elite Adjuvants will help applicators and growers capitalize on the benefits of the new trait systems by ensuring on-target placement, coupled with unprecedented weed control.”

For more information about the new Elite Adjuvants, visit www.wcdst.com or watch a video about the new Elite Adjuvants at www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEGopR_NUUE.


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