Soygreen in Soybeans

Soygreen® is an iron chelated Ortho-Ortho EDDHA fertilizer that can help manage iron deficiency chlorosis in soybeans by increasing the availability of iron. In-furrow applications of Soygreen have proven to be the most effective application type to alleviate or correct iron deficiency chlorosis.

In-Furrow Applications: Apply 2 to 3 lb/A as an in-furrow application at planting time. Higher use rates are appropriate for severe chlorosis situations. Mix Soygreen with water in the ratio of 2 gal of water per 1 lb of Soygreen. Higher water volumes allow for easier mixing, complete dispersion, and furrow distribution. West Central has conducted 105 soybean trials over 8 years, with an average Soygreen use rate of  2.6 lb/A, resulting in an unrivaled average response of 8.2 bu/A.

Post-Emergence Applications:  Soygreen can also help manage iron deficiency chlorosis in soybeans if they are applied timely and correctly. Apply prior to or immediately after iron deficiency symptoms occur to prevent or alleviate losses. Apply 1.5 lb/A of Soygreen when chlorosis first appears, then repeat the 1.5 lb/A application when chlorosis reappears or two weeks after the initial application. Use spray carrier (water) volumes of 10 to 20 gal/A by ground or 5 gal/A by air. Post emergence applications should include a high quality surfactant and water conditioner (See POST-Emergent Soygreen Applications for more information). A rainfall event after application will aid in the uptake of Soygreen through plant roots. Tank mixing Soygreen with glyphosate is not recommended because weed control antagonism may occur.


Pivot Irrigation:

Apply of 0.33 to 0.5 gal/A, applied 2 to 3 times, with a minimum of 0.5 inches of irrigation. Adjust water carrier to current application equipment.


Best results are obtained when Soygreen is mixed in only water. Always perform a jar test before tank mixing with any other fertilizer or pesticide.

Package Size:

30 lb bag, 1100 lb tote



Soygreen® is a registered trademark of Lab JAER and is distributed exclusively by West Central Distribution, LLC