New Technology for Pop-up Fertilizer Strategies

The challenge with pop-up fertilizers is placing important nutrients next to the seed without causing an issue with seedling burn. An additional difficulty is related to the reality that locally high concentrations of certain nutrients such as Phosphorus in banded starter fertilizers, can cause important nutrients to become increasingly unavailable the longer they remain in contact with soil. But what if there was a product that could protect both the nutrients in your fertilizer as well as those that you have built up in your soil.

Introducing LEVESOLâ„¢ a fertilizer amendment capable of preventing nutrients from becoming tied up and unavailable in your soil. Levesol is a highly effective chelate with superior soil stability that protects important micronutrients like Zinc, Manganese, and Copper to make them more available to your crop and in doing so, increases Phosphorus availability and efficiency by preventing tie up in the soil. The graphic found below provides insight into the extent of yield increase that can be expected from the addition of a Phosphorus-based starter fertilizer. The benefit to the P-based starter is emphasized further by the addition of a Zinc source but is not fully maximized until Levesol is added to the fertilizer mixture to ensure that the nutrients in your starter remain significantly more available for plant uptake.


Levesolâ„¢ in-furrow in Corn Two Years of Replicated Research: Six Site-Years

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The patent pending ortho, ortho isomer of the EDDHA chelate found in Levesol is the only chelate of its kind that can be accessed by farmers making it the most potent fertilizer efficiency product on the market. In fact, research conducted at Texas Tech University indicated that through effective chelation by Levesol of common micronutrients found in fertilizers and soils prevented tie up of Phosphorus resulting in an overall increase in P availability of up to 36% versus when Levesol is not used in conjunction with the starter fertilizer program.


*Levesolâ„¢ is a registered trademark of West Central.