Leaders of In-Furrow Technology Summit Encourages Yield & Nutrient Efficiency Conversations

Agricultural industry leaders unite to share leading techniques

WILLMAR, Minn. (Oct. 27, 2015) – The Leaders of In-Furrow Technology (LIFT) held a
media event Oct. 21-22 to discuss the latest advancements in yield and production system
efficiency in in-furrow applications, nutrient management and crop protection technologies.
Industry experts, including Dr. Daniel Kaiser, Extension Nutrient Management Specialist at the
University of Minnesota and Dr. Fred Below, Professor of Plant Physiology at the University of
Illinois, spoke about these topics and others, including modern crop production, nitrogen
management, in-furrow applications and technology, and nutrient availability.

Considering lower commodity prices and the intensified focus on production techniques,
the goal of the event was to generate awareness about new findings in nutrient efficiency
management, and provide information on technology that has been developed to benefit growers
and retailers in their operations.

“We are dedicated to developing solutions for growers to increase their nutrient
efficiency, by freeing up phosphorus and maximizing uptake of other critical micronutrients in the
soil and in the fertilizer.” said Dean Hendrickson, vice president of marketing and business
development for West Central Distribution. “We created this LIFT Technology Summit to
encourage conversations about nutrient efficiency and share information that will help growers
increase their yield and their return on investment.”

Additional speakers at the event included Peyton Harper from The Fertilizer Institute;
Brian Kuehl, Steve Roehl and Blake Murnan from West Central Distribution; Jason Moulin from
Dow AgroSciences; Richard Molenaar from The Climate Corporation; Scott Stout from BASF,
Nathan Wright from Nufarm and Rick Ekins from FMC.

The LIFT program was founded by West Central Distribution and its partners, including
BASF, Dow AgroSciences, FMC and NuFarm. These organizations work together to provide an
educational resource for growers and retailers to learn more about in-furrow planting systems,
industry trends and breakthrough technology.

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