Copper-Field in Wheat

Efficient Nitrogen Application

Copper-Field™ contains a low salt, highly efficient source of nitrogen that can be used as a foliar application to enhance yield. A Copper-Field application allows for more complete and rapid nitrogen absorption while aiding in the uptake and translocation of other nutrients. Copper-Field also contains copper and iron to improve yield and overall plant health. The combination of nutrients in Copper-Field may reduce the impact of disease and ensure proper flower and grain development.

Application and Use Rate

Copper-Field may be applied as a foliar spray on a wide array of agricultural crops to correct nitrogen deficiencies and/or improve growth.

Application Timing in Wheat should be any of:

  1. 2 gal/A at herbicide timing
  2. 2 gal/A at flag leaf
  3. 1 gal/A at herbicide timing followed by 1 gal/A at flag leaf

As with any foliar nitrogen application, some cosmetic crop response is possible, lower rates and higher spray water volumes increase safety. Please refer to product label and your local dealer representative for specific application guidelines.

General Information

The nitrogen in Copper-Field 21-0-0 is comprised of 75% liquid urea and 25% urea ammonium nitrate. Urea nitrogen forms are research-proven to be the most efficient nitrogen form taken up by leaf tissue.

Copper-Field 21-0-0 can be custom blended with other primary, secondary and micro-nutrients as well as many crop protection chemicals.  In the absence of published data, check compatibility by performing a jar test prior to tank mixing.

Package Size

Copper-Field is packaged in Bulk and 250 gallon tanks.

Product Density

9.65 lbs. per gallon at 68◦ F