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Rhizoctonia Root and Crown Rot Control in Sugarbeet

Rhizoctonia Management Strategies Rhizoctonia infections to sugarbeet are responsible for direct losses to grower root yield and quality in addition to losses related to beet storage issues.  Managing Rhizoctonia requires an integrated strategy involving consideration of crop rotation, variety selection, soil temperature, and soil applied and/or POST fungicide use. Consult your local sugarbeet Ag-Staff for […]

Zinc Fertility for Crop Production

Zinc: the chemical and metabolic catalyst for plants Zinc (Zn) is an essential component of enzymes involved with important crop growth and development processes. Crop requirement and uptake of Zn is measured in ounces rather than pounds per acre. However, university research has identified that field corn, sweet corn, and edible beans are crops that […]

Copper-Field in Wheat

Efficient Nitrogen Application Copper-Field™ contains a low salt, highly efficient source of nitrogen that can be used as a foliar application to enhance yield. A Copper-Field application allows for more complete and rapid nitrogen absorption while aiding in the uptake and translocation of other nutrients. Copper-Field also contains copper and iron to improve yield and […]

Soygreen in Soybeans

Soygreen® is an iron chelated Ortho-Ortho EDDHA fertilizer that can help manage iron deficiency chlorosis in soybeans by increasing the availability of iron. In-furrow applications of Soygreen have proven to be the most effective application type to alleviate or correct iron deficiency chlorosis. In-Furrow Applications: Apply 2 to 3 lb/A as an in-furrow application at […]

Pop-up Fertilizer in Corn

Pop-up fertilization is a starter fertilizer model that places safe rates and formulations of crop nutrients into the furrow with the seed. Other starter fertilizer concepts will utilize separation between fertilizer and seed to provide seedling safety but in doing so create a lag time for seedlings to access nutrients due to the time required […]

New Technology for Pop-up Fertilizer Strategies

The challenge with pop-up fertilizers is placing important nutrients next to the seed without causing an issue with seedling burn. An additional difficulty is related to the reality that locally high concentrations of certain nutrients such as Phosphorus in banded starter fertilizers, can cause important nutrients to become increasingly unavailable the longer they remain in […]

Effect of Cold, Frost, or Hail on Various Crops

CORN Germination:  Cold soil temperatures (sub 50o F) can trigger imbibitional chilling injury or cold temperature injury.  These phenomena occur when either seed kernels imbibe water that is colder than what is considered ideal resulting in ruptured tissue during cell expansion or from damage to the mesocotyl during cell elongation.  Plant death is possible but […]