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Comparing Amine and Ester

Amines are different than esters in many regards. Please note that some product labels may differ in their labeled uses based upon the product supplier.

Optimizing Glyphosate

Glyphosate resistance has become common across the United States. A conscious effort to increase glyphosate best management practices (BMP), in addition to prudent resistant management practices, will be required to maintain this technology. Below are some examples of specific issues relating to glyphosate efficacy and corresponding BMPs which have the potential to increase glyphosate activity.

Zinc Fertility Basics

Zinc (Zn) is an essential component of enzymes involved with important crop growth and development processes. Crop requirement and uptake of Zn is measured in ounces rather than pounds per acre. However, university research has identified that field corn, sweet corn, and edible beans are crops that can be relatively sensitive to Zn deficiency and can experience yield losses even if all other nutrients are present in adequate amounts. A deficiency response may be more likely to occur when following sugar beet. Soil tests are the best way to predict the need for Zn in a fertilization program. University of Idaho and Nebraska research data supports these responses.