We help farm retailers build their businesses without competing against them.

Our Story

In 1974 Dale Engan started our operation from a garage with a bank loan and some rented trucks. As time flew by and the industry grew, many distributors consolidated into the retail segment. But we didn’t. Our belief was that in agribusiness, people do business with people. Not companies. We knew the only way to have trusting relationships with our customers was to compete on their behalf.

This is why after 45 years in business we continue to operate strictly at the wholesale level. Our services have evolved since we started of course, but our days are still spent working with customers who feel like family. And to us, that will always be more rewarding than simply closing a sale and moving on.

On March 1, 2019, West Central joined the CHS family. We’re excited about our future as part of this leading agribusiness.