West Central is now CHS Agronomy

CHS acquired West Central in March 2019. We’re pleased to share that we’ve completed the integration of the business into CHS Agronomy. Same powerful product portfolio. Same talented team. New brand. Our crop protection products and services are the perfect complement to the CHS crop nutrient supply chain, known for global reach and operational excellence, and help create a comprehensive agronomy platform.

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Efficiently Manage Phosphorus During the Growing Season

In The Furrow (March 18, 2019) – In 2018, West Central Distribution launched a groundbreaking research project, called the Phosphorus Project, designed track how the right technology can help enhance phosphorus nutrient efficiency.

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Protecting Crops from the Devastation of Corn Rootworm

In The Furrow (March 12, 2019) – As the area affected by resistant corn rootworm expands, growers look to add new crop protection products to assist with prevention. In 2018, a number of growers in Iowa with resistant corn rootworm did field trials with Bifender FC, showing an average yield increase of 12.4 bu/acre and ROI of $33.40/acre.

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Profit Opportunities Increase Grower Yields Sustainably

In The Furrow (March 11, 2019) – To help retailers expand agronomic opportunities for their customers, West Central identified five strong segments to deliver incremental yields to growers and solid ROI to retailers.

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